Posted by: dlip | November 10, 2013

More company?

Going back to the archives, I came across this piece written fairly soon after my stroke. In those days perhaps I was in a darker mood and mindset. What do your think about this, consider it was 2008 and I had my stroke in 2007.

I have already mentioned the names and characteristics of two companions who insist on accompanying one on this road to recovery. To recount:

The first was “Depression”, that often times developed into ravines that were deeper and more stark than those in the Grand Canyon; this even though I believe the Americans have a tendency to exaggerate the size and quality of their possessions.

Which reminds me of the story about the yank and Banta Singh. Old Banta went to the airport to receive an American who, he was told, was a VIP as far as his company was concerned. By the time they were one hour out of the airport Banta Singh was fed up with the American bragging about the size and height of the sky scrapers in “Noo yourk”. When they eventually came by the Qutub Minar the American was completely awestruck by its height. “Gawd almighty” exclaimed the yank, what on earth is that?

Banta replied laconically; “don’t know it wasn’t there yesterday!”

Anyway getting back to the main theme of my narrative, I may mention that I have two pieces of news for you. One is good news. The other is bad news. The good news is that one has more co-travellers for company. The bad news is their names, one is christened, “Frustration” and the other is “Anger”. They are both very closely related to each other, one could say they were almost twins cloned from the same parents, “Impatience”.

Frustration arises normally from the individual’s inability to communicate clearly or properly which often times results in the other person having to respond with either a “begging your pardon?” , an eh? Or what? Depending on the family’s background and schooling that the other has received. All in all this results in one having to repeat oneself many times which becomes very tiring thereby preparing the ground for Frustration to enter the picture, and, depending on the alacrity or lack thereof of the response, Anger often lurks behind waiting to pounce from Frustration’s shadow and display his burning colours. It is with an effort that I hold Frustration down, because if he is controlled, Anger cannot break past him.

Another reason is that because of one’s numerous inabilities one is forced to ask for help/assistance from others for innumerable favours such as escorting one to the bathroom or to the dining room as also for putting on/off the lights, the fan or TV. Nearly every activity needs assistance which is not always forthcoming. One calls and the other does not answer – another cause for Frustration.

Note from admin:

I am happy to report that since those days of total dependence Dalip has come a long way. He is now able to -albeit with some difficulty and sometimes assistance – raise himself up from a chair and propel himself towards the bathroom so he can manage a few basic activities. However, the effort of rising from either the seated or a supine position is so monumental that for little things like turning off a fan or a light, asking for water or other small assistance it is still easier to call or ring a bell and wait for assistance. So another companion though a fickle one is Patience.


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