When midnight comes

“…nobody knows”

My name is Dalip Singha, when this blog began I was Vice Principal of the WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, in Manipal India which offers a bachelors’ degree in hotel management at the MAHE University. I was 60 years old, and 60 years, in any man’s life is a milestone. After a stroke it’s a few kilometers up or down, from that milestone, depending on which way you are headed.

I was struck by a stroke on 4th December 2006. This narrative is an attempt to relate the feelings and thoughts of a victim of a stroke both during and after a stroke, with the idea and intent of serving as a guide to people who may suffer from a similar fate. It goes without saying, as a narrative it is entirely subjective and does not purport to be totally accurate in terms of facts and medical realities and thus should not be taken literally.

As a result of the stroke my left side was paralysed. I lost the use of my left arm and leg and my speech is also affected, which I believe is a common occurrence, post stroke.

At the physical and emotional level this meant I was completely immobile and cut off from my human environment due to the inability to communicate. I was marooned on an island called “self”.


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  2. Dilip, my dear dear friend. I heard about this unfortunate event at Dilip Sarkar’s house and have been trying to get in touch ever since. Spoke to Mridula and Kanishk though. I want to establish some channel of communication with you and was told of your blog by Baba Sen. Of what I have hastily read, I can tell that you still retain that ‘sparkle’ and I’m hoping your awesome sense of humour as well.

    Stay well my friend. I’ll be in touch.


  3. Hi Som
    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Dilip: I am Rudy Shankar your classmate from AFCS 1964. Your website was referred to me by your sister, Rohini. Your writing on undergoing the stroke is evocative, funny and stirring. I cannot think of a better way to educate folks as well as I am sure provide support both to you and others. Rohini mentioned that she had set up the website for you.

    Keep writing!! Best of luck and keep in touch

  5. Dear Dilip, I am Gurumani (Guru), your classmate from AFCS 1964. I got to know that you live in Gurgaon, a few kilometres from my home and Amitava told me about his recent meeting with you. I emailed Rohini and she put me on to this site. I am deeply touched by your blog. It is informative and provides encouragement to others who may be affected by a similar condition. It also has good information. I will stay in touch.

  6. Dilip, I would like to call on you on any weekend. Do let me have your address and telephone numbers.

  7. Dear Dalip and Mridula,
    Will you be home this weekend? I would like to visit both of you? Not sure my wife Pushpa would be able to join, but ever since my last chat with Dalip, have been looking forward to catching up.
    Will also try your cell.

  8. Dalip, It was nice seeing you and Mridula at my niece’s wedding in Delhi November 26. I know many of your classmates who were present felt the same.

  9. Dalip, it was a enlightening and moving experiance reading your blog.it seems that life’s kicks have failed to get u down and more power to u.since we spoke the other day have thought abt u and out times together in school and later when we were appearing for the nda exams/ssb/et al.was ages ago but seems as vivid as if yesterday. will come n visit u and mridula when we take a trip up to the rajdhani, which we do once in a while since my sister is there.rest ok at my end.take care and keep writing.suren

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