Posted by: dlip | October 12, 2011

The ripple effects of “isolation”

Before writing on the subject at hand it is necessary for me to explain what I mean by the term: “ripple effect”. When one throws a stone or any object into a pool of still water it causes a number of ripples that spread outwards from the centre. I do not remember, very clearly, the physics involved in the phenomenon, it being many years since I last studied the subject. In common parlance, a “ripple effect” refers to a cascading and infectious effect, where one phenomenon has a tendency to spread; the direction of the spread being outward. It has been in my case something like this:-
To begin with “isolation” begins with me (the victim) on account of my various inabilities; details of which, have been mentioned earlier on in this account.
I cannot see well so, I can’t read, I have stopped reading, then I stop watching movies, my TV watching reduces to the extent of almost nil. As a result of these numerous refrains, some avoidable, some not so avoidable, I deny myself facts, figures and information that keep me contemporary.
When I happen to be sitting in a group of people (whatever their age). The general tendency is to discuss books, movies, actors/actresses and current affair happenings, whether contentious or not. As a result of this ignorance I found myself to be in isolation whether in a group or by myself. Yes, the ripple effect of isolation was near completion.

(Note: There are other posts in this blog where the author shares his occasional feelings of despair. These emotions are to be expected in a Stroke victim)



  1. Hello my dear friend. I has not read this post,which makes me sad for you and I would love to visit with you tand be able to gain some of your wisdom and also tell you tales of me so you will laugh and time would be enjoyable for you. The next time I am in India I shall do that but in the meantime I will stop by here and send a note.

    Three and a half weeks ago I had a fall and broke two ribs and twisted my hip. I have never experienced such pain and for days barely walked and getting in and out of bed is monumental!! Makes me feel old. In June I will be 65. My 64th year was the pits with fevers of unknown origins, an appendicitis and a hernia repair.

    The weather here in Florida is great. we have had a great crop of Avocado and papaya so far, but I look forward to the seven mango tree once again bearing such wonderful fruit.

    I send you my best– think of you often,
    Take care,
    Frank. (suntithenai)

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