Posted by: dlip | May 11, 2011

Thank you

How can I thank you?

There are no words

When the depths of gratitude

Cannot be found

By echo sound

In the well of words

Of unsaid thanks.

The silent care you spend on me

The smile that never shows

How tired you must be

The moments grabbed of silence

When I know I must be asleep

While you, through your quiet vigil

Remain alert lest I should stir.

And through all my frustrations

My impatience

My anger at this still

Lifeless half self of me

You give me a reason for going on.

For all you do

Day in day out

My shallow words

Thank you.

Yesterday a visitor to this blog came in search of saying thanks to caregivers. I looked on the web for a link or poems, but didn’t find anything particularly satisfying so I thought I’d write one myself. Please add any other poems or words of thanks for caregivers that you have known. I dedicate this verse to Mridula, Lesley, Frank, and all caregivers around the world.



  1. Hey there! Thanks for sharing your success over at my blog! It’s great to hear your news. Do come back and share more – as I’m sure you’ll have some! 🙂

    Have a great day,

  2. This is the direct link, not my WP account – that’s just a back up account! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sassy Brit – i like your name! Thanks for visiting. I did go to your site but couldn’t quite figure out where to leave a message. But will try and see about visiting you again.

  3. Lovely words of thanks from Frank, sent in an e-mail but placed here in gratitude by admin
    Back in May you sent a note to me at an old e-mail address After reading the note I quickly went to Dahlip’s blog to see the poem you had written for caregivers. Your poem was touching and true to life. I appreciate its essence and that you cared to include me in the post. With egg on my face, I must admit that I very, very rarely go to that email address. If you wish to send a note in the future, please use this one. I should have told you to use it long ago.

    Hopefully you have continued to write on the blog. So many people do not know or understand stroke. They need to and they need to know who it affects a whole family. I am happy, though, that Dahlip now has a bit of interest other than the blog. He truly is a wonderful gentleman and I have enjoyed knowing him and you. I don’t write on my blog very often, although finally have tried to think how I can reorganize it since it is a synthesis of all my writing. And, at home I have just begun trying to do the art work that I have set aside for so many years. At first it was that I was a caregiver. Then following my Mother’s death in 2008 I had no interest to try to revive it! It is time that I do.

    Please keep in touch and tell Dahlip I think of him often and hope he is doing well.

    Take care,
    My best to you,

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