Posted by: dlip | February 14, 2011

Think FAST & Save a life

Every now and then one comes across new ways to identify the onset of a stroke. This is a recent discovery of mine put out by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. Some time ago they launched a campaign to raise the awareness of stroke. The mnemonic FAST makes it easy to remember and here’s what they recommend.

A stroke, as those of us who have been closely associated with anyone who has suffered one, is, as they put it, is quite plainly a “brain attack”. How do you know whether someone is having one? Remember FAST and you could save a life or at any rate reduce the effects of a stroke, because it is true the FASTER the person gets medical care the better their chances of survival.

So what does FAST stand for?

F = Face – Can the person smile? Does one side of the face droop?

A = Arm – Can he/she lift both arms? Is one weak?

S = Speech – Is his/her speech slurred or muddled?

T = Time – to call 999 – or whatever your emergency services number is.

A stroke is a medical emergency it is imperative to get the person to a hospital quickly and receive prompt and immediate treatment.

For me, this blog and writing about my experiences as a stroke victim; as well as (through my blog administrator) finding gems like this on the Internet and placing as many of these suggestions here as possible has been great therapy. I encourage visitors to this blog to place their own findings and any heart and stroke news here or leave a link so that we can get the word out and help as many as possible.

To care givers and stroke victims, their families and loved ones around the world, I send a request. PLEASE, please find some activity, some interest, some lost ability – and I believe that every one of us can dig deep into our hearts and minds to find something that will aid therapy.

More than that it will provide solace as well as a vent to release the anger, hurt, confusion, sorrow, depression and a plethora of mixed emotions that never leave the victim. And what we feel invariably casts a pall on those around us. So if we can find something to do to occupy and distract us and have people help us to find an outlet then we will continue to contribute to society. And that, my friends is what makes life worth living.

This exercise, which began as this blog, encouraged me to write. And thanks to this motivation I wrote an article on my first hunting experience. Today, I can proudly say that a US magazine – Gray’s Sporting Journal, has published my article.  And I have been paid an impressive amount for a beginning writer!

So, you never know what your activity can lead to.


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