Posted by: dlip | February 28, 2009

Mike Austin, a story of recovery

This is a short story, but I hope it will have a big impact. Obama said, “Yes, you can” and if any one person, that I know has followed that dictum, it is Mike Austin, once a talented art director and a well-loved, much admired, and highly awarded art director. And he followed the spirit of “Yes, you can,” long before Obama was heard of by the world at large and well before his famous slogan became the battle cry that called a vast majority of Americans to seek change.

Mike andLesley, his wife, have fought a battle against all odds and they are finally, I believe and hope, climbing out of the very depths of despair. Honestly, I don’t know how they’ve done it. Where they found the strength, the will and the ability to persevere.

Although this post, isn’t the one in which I will delve into the sad story of how poorly Mike was treated by the advertising agency he worked for in Bahrain, I may well add it as another story some day.

Mike had a massive stroke, the year before I did. The fallout was incapacity, especially in his ability to speak, I understand that the term for this is aphasia.

However, perhaps in his desire to communicate, or his innate artistic instinct, whichever it was, he decided to re-learn how to draw, and how to use his computer again. He still cannot talk as clearly as he once could, but he does understand what people say. He has a beautiful voice and when he’s at a loss for words, the one word he resorts to is, ‘fantastic’.

That’s Mike. And that’s his work too. To see his work visit

He is keen on getting meaningful, remunerative work. So, if anyone visiting this site has a job for Mike Austin, please leave a comment here and I will forward it to him.



  1. I haven’t been here for some time…..I have stopped writing on Within Crepusculum and only write a little on Fourchances. My days and weeks have not always been grand since my Mother died. It is a long, mysterious journey this grief thing.

    Anyway, this post is admirable of you to bring him to the public. I shall visit his site.

    My only closing comment is that don’t you think you also are one who believes that “you can” and you have worked hard to recover.
    Take care my friend,

    • Hi Frank!
      So good to see you back. Thanks for all your encouragement it has helped me tremendously through these last two years or more. And this, hopefully, is what this site is about. People who have worked hard to recover,people like you too who have been strong silent caregivers, who perhaps suffer more because you want to do more. Thank you again. Why are you not writing on Crepusculum? Is it because you have moved beyond the twilight? Please remember with faith, that the darkest hour is before the dawn. While still in the season and spirit of resurrection let me wish you Happy Easter. Alleluia Christ is risen. Dalip

  2. Dear Dalip

    Thank you for spreading the word about Mike and Les. They are facing a very critical date this week 30th September 2009 which is the day that the Appeal Court hears the case against Gulfmarcom.

    May your energy and kind concern flow in and fill that courtroom. Bless you Sir

    Tom Whitney

  3. Dear Tom
    I thank you for visiting my blog. As a person who has suffered a stroke and who received support from the company I worked with – the WelcomGroup of Hotels in India – and still faced a difficult and expensive time, I can’t imagine what additional stresses both Mike & Lesley have faced. I thank God for a supportive family without whom I could not have come as far as I have.
    May God be with all those who are supporting Mike & Lesley and may justice and compassion prevail.

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