Posted by: dlip | September 28, 2008

“Bedsores: the wages of sin”

Anyone who is bedridden or bound to the bed will be familiar with the term “bedsores”. These are horrible little eruptions resemble sores, because they are sores. Hence the nomenclature. They are uncomfortable to the point of being downright painful. As is the case with most medical problems, the old dictum of prevention being superior to cure applies very aptly here.


These little volcanic eruptions are caused on the back because of the tendency of an individual who, for whatever reason, tends to spend long periods of time lying supine on a bed. Take it from me, these are best avoided. Common sense dictates that the most effective way of avoiding bedsores is by not spending too much time on one’s back in bed. Mind you, post stroke, this is easier said than done.


Consider the facts: one cannot read; it is difficult to sit for long without developing a pain in the tailbone region; what alternative is there but to return to bed. Yes! This is worse than the forbidden fruit, only there is no garden of Eden!


In fact if the truth be told this was the factor that is the genesis of this written account – an effort to keep myself off the bed.



  1. Oh, Dalip, please do not ever develop one of these or pressure sores. My mother has a very large pressure sore on her tailbone that was started by a bedpan in the hospital. It had gotten so bad it tunneled under the skin. This has been going on for 8 months or more with dressing changes continually. Our nurse from the hospital is great and between her and I we are getting it under control.

    Unfortunately sores developed from the pressure in the bed on both feet. We now have an air bed that changes air in cylinders continually.

    I hope you will be able to find out what is bothering you in the region that gives you so much pain. You have written about it before. Its not nice, but I hope you need to get to the computer more often because it is wonderful hearing from you on the blog. I think of you often and hope you are progressing as you should. Take care, Dalip–Frank

  2. Hi Frank,
    it is good to see an old friend returning to the site and also very encouraging. There are times when I wonder if this website / blog is really accomplishing its original purpose, namely to be a source of encouragement and insight to all those who have suffered from a stroke or for those connected to stroke victims. It is also a motivator that keeps me going and helps to give me a purpose. So I thank you for your comments and your frequent visits.

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