Posted by: dlip | September 22, 2008

Of the spirit

So far I have dwelt on the letter of one’s fight against the trials and limitations one experiences in cases such as mine. More important, perhaps, is the spirit with which one travels the road to recovery from a stroke.


In fact, I’d go as far as saying that the spirit is about 75% of the battle.


But, what of the spirit? That is the natural question that arises. Essentially it’s the spirit of fighting! That part somewhere deep inside one which says to itself and all else, who care to listen, “Never say die”. In practical terms it means having the guts, the zeal, the energy, the strength, the desire, to struggle seven days a week; no Sundays off!  It’s this spirit and gumption that one draws upon to pull oneself up from the deep chasms of loneliness and despair and desperation.  The spirit to kick yourself in the backside and egg yourself on even when redemption seems lost and disappears over the horizon into an eternity that is bleak, cold and far too distant to contemplate.


Yes, this spirit is the equivalent to the strength, the stamina and perseverance one is able to generate from within one’s self. Because it won’t come from anywhere else! That I am sure of. I know because I’ve tried.


Family and friends do help by assisting this “spirit”, but one cannot bank on that assistance. It may or may not be forthcoming.


However, the inevitable question that does arise is, what if the spirit falters? Then what?

I have found that the normal or average human being has tremendous reserves. A large portion, of which even he may not be aware. One needs to delve deep within one’s self in order to call up these reserves and often times, I have found, they answer the clarion call.


There is also no shame in leaning on external support if one can find it. This may be in the form and shape of one’s friend, spouse, children or even work associates. Together they should see you through your lean period. Remember to use all you spare no effort.


Remember the stakes are high.



  1. Ah yes, the spirit is very important to keep at its highest. My mother has always had spirit and a love for life. Now in her final hours I believe she has decided to will her death. Lately she rarely speaks, when she is off the ventilator. Today I asked her why she didn’t talk especially to me and her answer was just a determined blank look in her eyes. She would not answer. This is within her and not available for discussion and so that strong spirit of hers is still working, just not in its regular direction.

    Dalip, please take care. I wish you the best–Frank

  2. Dear Frank
    I am sorry to read of this turn that your mother has taken. I pray that she will soon say something to you that will be encouraging. You are a brave soul who has, I believe, given her a lot of your personal time, energy and dedication. When my mother passed away she was in my home, I was on one side and held one of her hands and my wife was on the other side, holding her other hand. She too had willed heself to that point, but I believe that the soul will depart only when its time truly comes, no matter how strong the physical and mental will to giive up our earthly bodies. Anyway, when the time came, my mother squeezed my hand and my wife’s looked at us, smiled and nodded (as if to say, “it is finished”) and then departed this life. Both my wife and I had a sense of fulfilment that accompanied our loss. It is hard to explain, but there it is. I hope this helps you.

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