Posted by: dlip | May 9, 2008

Passage of time

Time is precious, so precious …. Like diamonds, yes, diamonds.

When I wrote this I was sixty years old. Today I am one year, two months and 2 weeks older. As one grows older “time” seems to take wings crossing the super-sonic barrier. Yes, time slips through my fingers like diamonds in the sand. I am not in control and that is what frightens me. The traditional question being “is there life after death”. This should be altered to: “is there life after birth”. I do not have too much time left on the planet. Are they to be spent in a wheel chair? My strapped existence being my memories of a time that was. No! I am not looking for sympathy or pity. Both, are terms that are abhorrent to me and to any sane person. Barbed wires reappear on the horizon, making their dastardly presence felt with an acute pain.


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