Posted by: dlip | May 7, 2008


A period of evaluation
Where did one go wrong? Or fall short?
Materially, spiritually and/or emotionally.
Can one make amends?
Does one want/need to make amends?
The final leap draws nearer
Is that a welcome or a fearful thought?
The final count deals with the quantum and quality
of friends/ enemies
one has made during the race.
Friend: one who loves you, in spite of yourself
Enemy: one who loves to hate you.

Is a tug at the heart strings
That makes the knees feel like jelly
But results in
A pleasant warmth just above the rib cage.

Is a tension that is unpleasant
And begs for an early release.

A state of apathy
That tends to alienate
It has an ivory tower syndrome.

A roller-coaster ride that
Must be, must be
Before it dumps you
On the wayside.

Is a state of mind
That prefers not
to be dumped.

Silent tears
at best unshed
Cataclysmic fears
not expressed
There is this black hole
in the existence
Of human life
That swallows these whole
Leaving narry a trace.



  1. Dalip, your poem is wonderful. Did you know and understand life as well as you do before your stroke? Each stanza’s essence refers to me, to others to remember we are not alone in our feelings. I do hope you are improving each day and feel better as time passes My best Frank

  2. Hi Frank, no I did not understand life as well before my stroke. After the stroke I ‘see’ (as you know my vision isn’t so good) life and the world around us in a different light. There are days when the old me nudges and there was a certain comfort in that, but now I have changed. It is good to connect with someone half way across the world. Thank you for your support. Dalip

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