Posted by: dlip | April 3, 2008

Positive Thinking

I feel the need to explore the concept of positive thinking.  And therefore another addendum. Just one of several I shall be adding to this category, where anything goes.

The first thing about positive thinking is that it has a curative power. This is a fact and it is real. It does not create paradise that might be lost or regained. It deals with and dwells on the “today” on an “as is where basis” without any roses or moonshine. If this were to be put into words it would read as follows:

  • Yes. It is very unfortunate that I had a stroke.
  • It was not the hand of God – God is not my sworn enemy.
  • Perhaps I got a bit careless in my lifestyle and living. In future I need to be more careful.
  • Crying, sympathy or self pity are the three sisters who cannot and will not help me.
  • So, I better not go down that road. 




  1. Motivators: The traveller who embarks on this long, arduous and slow journey to recovery would find travel almost impossible but for the presence of certain motivators which may also be termed comforters.
    Examples of such motivators:
    Example 1 – “I have lost vision on the left field which creates problems for my sense of perception.”
    Comforter/ Motivator: It could have been worse. I may have been totally blind.
    Example 2: I have lost mobility since my left leg has become ineffective.
    Comforter/ Motivator: I might have lost the use of all my limbs.
    Yes, I agree these are mere crutches, but believe me, you can make use of all the crutches you can get!

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