Posted by: dlip | March 28, 2008

Other pitfalls on the road to recovery


The word “desolation” strikes fear in my heart. I think this is a post-stroke factor that needs to be dealt with. Earlier on this narrative I have mentioned the journey as being one through a dark dismal seemingly unending tunnel with no light (or exit at its end). This, combined with the monotony and boredom which arises out of having nothing to do and all the time in the world to it. The combination is a powerful mix. The parentage of which gives birth to this bastard child called “desolation”. The only first cousin to cancer. The only difference being that while cancer eats into and destroys the physical portion of the individual till he dies. Desolation attacks the soul and is in some ways worse than cancer since it causes the individual to give up the good fight/struggle.

Barbed steel 

Barbed wire across a stretch of land

:i.                    can divide nations

ii.                  can divide communities

iii.                can bifurcate families

iv.                break up relationships

v.                  can pulverize hopes and ambitions and ones aspirations

vi.                can stand between a repentant prisoner and his freedom  

when it crosses an individual the psyche separates his well being and confuses it with ailment. 

Paralysis explained to the lay man.

I don’t have a medical degree and do not have any pretensions to being a doctor, so, the following account is without any medical jargon. I have tried to keep it simple and used every day language to explain a severe medical condition (wish me luck)


i.                    close your eyes

ii.                  now imagine hundreds of Lilliputians with ropes tied to your left limbs – arms and legs and sides.

iii.                Remember, these Lilliputians may be small and immature in size, but not so in strength. They have the power of  a normal man, maybe, more.

iv.                Now… (keep your eyes closed)

v.                  All these guys are pulling on their ropes in tandem and try to pull you off balance as if their lives depended on it. This has the terrible consequence of, well, putting you off balance.

vi.                In other words, your left leg; your left arm and your centre of gravity have a left-wards tilt, one the Tower of Pisa has never experienced.

vii.              Now try to stand or walk; and the best of british luck to you my friend. 

You are now in the clutches of an aftermath of paralysis (of the left side). Oh! I forgot to mention these little Fuhrers have the same arrangement with your face and mouth.

If you can still have a smile on your face, you should be given an award; if in the USA: The purple heart, if in the UK: the Victoria cross, if in India: the Maha vir chakra. And this is the condition, not for 5 minutes, or for an hour, but what seems to be for rest of your life.

If you have understood and felt the plight of this individual. I can welcome you to my little world; the world of the stroke recoveree.



  1. You deserve an award in any country… still have a smile on your face…you are fighting and winning this scary battle…Keep at it!
    Your cheerleading squad!

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