Posted by: dlip | March 4, 2008

Caregiver Survival Checklist

The following has been adapted from Stroke Recovery Canada

To any visitor who also happens to be or have been a Caregiver, I invite you to please add any tips you possibly can. 

  • Take one day at a time
  • Accept your limitations
  • Learn to ask for and accept help
  • Don’t feel guilty about your position
  • Don’t bottle up negative feelings – talk about them to someone you trust
  • Have a daily routine and stick to it
  • Take time for yourself and stick to it
  • Take time for yourself every day
  • Keep your sense of humour
  • Look after your health – get plenty of rest, exercise daily, eat a nutritious diet, and see your doctor when stress builds up
  • Take advantage of local support groups – of any kind, friends, a coffee group anyone
  • Develop a caregiver peer support network (SRN)
  • Try to remain socially active
  • Find a caregiver respite programme in your community
  • Consider modifications to the home and assistive devices
  • Consider nursing and housekeeping services

*Quotes contained are by participants from a caregiver workshop help in Burlington in 1995, involving the Community Health Services Centre, Burlington SRA, Fellowship of Stroke Survivors and the United Way.

For more information about stroke recovery, contact:

Stroke Recovery Canada
10 Overlea Blvd.
Toronto, ON M4H 1A4
1-888-540-6666 or 416-425-4209



  1. I have just discovered a great site for caregivers. It is it is well worth visiting for tips on coping, taking care of yourself and more. Anyone who knows of other sites, please feel free to add these in comments. After all let us not forget that the primary purpose of this blog is to help each other.

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